Sunday, November 6, 2011

Peaceful Protest Against Violence

bout 300 persons gathered Monday night at Merida's Monumento a la Patria, on Paseo de Monteo, to protest last week’s (July 4) violence at an underpass construction site just a few blocks north.  The crowd was orderly and the demonstration, which lasted about 90 minutes, was peaceful.

Demonstrators at Monument de la Patria on Monday, July 11
The march was announced Monday morning in several media sources, and apparently on various social networks as well.  Organizers had predicted as many as 2,500 persons would participate, but the crowd was far smaller.  Some carried placards asking for peace, and others named public officials they hold accountable for the violent events at Merida’s Glorieta de la Paz, where construction is well under way.  Some asked for Mexican President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa to intervene.

One participant, identified only as “Carlos,” told The Yucatan Times that the demonstration was intended only to emphasize the Mexican people’s right to peacefully assemble and protest.  “I’ve lived in Merida all my life, I was born here, I own a business here and I live not far from this location.  The people have a right to march and to protest without being beaten, the way they were last week,” he said.  Carlos said that he was not a member or supporter of either of the country’s two major political parties, PAN or PRI, and that he supported the underpass now being built at the Glorieta.  “But people who don’t like it have a right to demonstrate, without being attacked.”  Carlos said he believed the current PRI administration of Merida is ultimately responsible for last week’s violence.
No counter protestors were evident, and no municipal nor state law enforcement officials were present.  The marchers lit candles and sang Mexico’s national anthem shortly before departing the scene without incident about 8:30 p.m.
Lic. Edward V. Byrne

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